Cleveland Clinic

The Cleveland Clinic is a prestigious academic medical centre known for its patient care, medical research, and medical education. Cleveland Clinic has established itself as a global leader in healthcare, with its main campus in Cleveland, Ohio, and multiple satellite facilities across the United States.

The Cleveland Clinic’s mission is centred on providing exceptional patient care. Patients from all walks of life receive personalised and compassionate care from the clinic’s dedicated team of highly skilled physicians, nurses, and healthcare professionals. Cleveland Clinic, with a focus on patient-centeredness, ensures that each individual receives comprehensive, evidence-based treatment that is tailored to their specific needs.

Overall, the Cleveland Clinic is a medical excellence beacon, setting the standard for exceptional patient care, innovative research, and medical education. Cleveland Clinic’s unwavering commitment to improving lives and advancing healthcare continues to shape the future of medicine and have a positive impact on the well-being of people all over the world.

Best Known for:

World-Class Patient Care: Cleveland Clinic is dedicated to providing high-quality, patient-centred care across a wide range of medical specialties. Its healthcare professionals are committed to providing personalised treatment plans while focusing on innovation, compassion, and the highest medical practice standards.

Special care system: Cleveland Clinic is committed to a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to healthcare. Experts from various medical fields collaborate as a team to provide patients with comprehensive and integrated care. This method ensures that patients receive the most effective and personalised treatment plans possible.

Cutting-Edge Research: Cleveland Clinic, as a leading medical research institution, conducts ground-breaking research to advance medical knowledge and improve patient outcomes. Its researchers and scientists investigate novel therapies, technologies, and treatments, thereby advancing medical science and developing new treatment options.

Educational Excellence: Cleveland Clinic is well-known for its outstanding medical education programs. It is affiliated with the Lerner College of Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, where medical students receive rigorous training and education. Furthermore, the clinic provides a variety of educational resources and programs to help healthcare professionals improve their skills and knowledge.

Global Reach: Cleveland Clinic’s global reach extends beyond its physical locations by providing telemedicine services, allowing patients from all over the world to access expert medical care remotely. This global approach ensures that patients, regardless of their geographical location, receive the best possible care.

Patient-Centered Approach: The Cleveland Clinic places a strong emphasis on putting the patient first. It prioritizes communication, respect, and personalized attention in order to provide an exceptional patient experience. The clinic strives to meet each patient’s unique needs and preferences in order to ensure their well-being and satisfaction.

Breakthroughs in Medical Field:

  • 1922: When four-year-old orphan Madeleine Bebout fell into a diabetic coma in 1922, Cleveland Clinic’s Henry John, MD, used a new discovery: insulin, to save her life.
  • 1920’s: Otto Glasser, MD, invented a method of accurately measuring the radiation doses given to patients during what was then known as Roentgen ray therapy (cancer radiotherapy) in the 1920s. A dosimeter was the revolutionary device.
  • 1928: Maria Telkes, PhD, joined the Cleveland Clinic in 1928 to conduct cell research. She was one of the first women to work as a physician or scientist at Cleveland Clinic.
  • 1932: Roy McCullagh, PhD, conducts research on cholesterol-lowering drugs known as “inhibins,” laying the groundwork for statin research.
  • 1930’s: W. James Gardner, MD pioneered many treatments in the 1930s, including intracranial surgery with arterial hypotension, lumbar discography, vascular decompression for hemifacial spasm and trigeminal neuralgia, and the use of steroids for sciatica.
  • 1048: Arda A Green, MD, Maurice Rapport, PhD, and Irvine Page, MD discovered a compound known as “serotonin” in 1948.
  • 1950: Willem Kolff, MD, PhD, establishes the first dialysis program in the United States in 1950. Dr. Kolff not only invented kidney dialysis, but he also founded the first hospital-based Department of Artificial Organs at Cleveland Clinic and created a number of heart assist devices.
  • 1956: Donald Effler, MD, and Lawrence Groves, MD, perform a “stopped heart” operation in 1956. This was the first time a drug was used to stop the heart in a clinical setting.
  • 1957: Willem Kolff, MD, PhD, and Tetsuzo Akutsu, MD, PhD, conduct the first successful experiment with an artificial heart implant in a model in 1957.
  • 1967: Cleveland Clinic surgeons report the success of cadaver kidney transplants in 1967, led by Ralph Straffon, MD, Bruce Stewart, MD, and Eugene Poutasse, MD. In the same year, René Favaloro, MD, pioneered coronary artery bypass surgery by grafting a saphenous vein from the leg to diseased coronary arteries in order to increase blood flow to the heart.
  • 1971: Floyd Loop, MD, identifies the mammary artery as the preferred conduit for bypass surgery in 1971.

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