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About Us
Making USA world’s best speciality care accessible to patients aroud the world

MediPocket is a cross-border care USA platform bridging the gap in speciality care by connecting patients around the world from their homes to the top hospitals and specialists in the USA.

The areas of specialty care we serve are Cancer, Genetic Disorders, Rare Diseases, Gene Therapies, Liver & Kidney Transplants, Heart problems, Neurological Conditions, Rheumatology, Psychiatry & Psychological therapies, Ortho disorders, Blood Diseases, Plastic Surgery, Infertility and Surrogacy USA.

World’s top USA hospitals our partners like MayoClinic, MD Anderson, MSKCC, Boston Children’s, Cleveland Clinic, UCLA Health, Cedars Sinai, Mount Sinai, Texas Children’s Hospital, John Hopkins, Stanford Health and #1 Fertility & Surrogacy partners in the US.

Now without stepping out of your home and country, no visa needed, no air flights to take, you can access the premium world’s top medical services from the USA with MediPocket World.

Premium Medical Services from USA:

Our aim is to provide the best healthcare services to anyone in India or across the world in need and desire with offices in Los Angeles, California, USA and Gurugram, Delhi, India.   

Right advice, Right Diagnosis, Right Treatment make Life and Death difference and at MediPocket we strive to keep our patients health to the utmost priority!

How We Started
MediPocket was founded in California, USA

With increasing difficulty accessing premium healthcare, Dr. Priyanka Mathur made it her mission to provide exceptional medical care worldwide with Cross Border Specialty care . She founded MediPocket, the newest technological advancement in medical care today in USA and to serve Indian patients have opened its subsidiary in India KLP Health Tech Pvt Ltd.

It began as a goal to make prescription medications more affordable for Americans. MediPocket has partnered with 75,000+ pharmacies in the USA, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico to provide up to an 80% discount on medications and delivery on-demand.

From Our Founder
Dr. Priyanka Mathur

WHO recommended doctor-patient ratio is 1:1000 but India has 1:11,580, which is critical where India has 70 million cancer patients, 77 million diabetic patients, 90 million rare disease cases, and same numbers for heart diseases, mental health, infertility.

Our founder Dr. Priyanka Mathur is an Indian born doctor that has worked and seen the struggle of patients in India to access the best specialists, and to solve this created Cross-Border Care platform bridging the gap in specialty care by connecting patients from India to world’s best hospitals in the USA.

Dr Priyanka Mathur is a trained physician with international healthcare experience working in India, Russia, USA and passionate about intersection of AI & Health Care.

Passionate team of doctors, engineers, designers, believers with a common vision to make best quality care borderless to patients worldwide using science of artificial intelligence.

Our Commitments

Our Mission

To make specialty care borderless and bridge the gap by connecting patients around the world to the world's best USA hospitals and specialists

Our Vision

To make USA world leading specialty care available and accessible to patients around the world

Our Values

To collaborate as a team and take extreme ownership of our audacious goals to achieve targets and display tremendous integrity in premium patient care

Your Health Is Our Priority!
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Get second opinion, primary consultation, treatment and clinical trial programs assistance from Top U.S Hospitals and specialists. World’s best medical services from U.S. is now available and accessible to patients across the globe as we believe “Right to Right Healthcare is the Right of every Patient.”

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