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Research hospitals for your medical condition DIY (Do It Yourself) Our USA medical expert team research for you the best option based on success rate
International medical documents USA standarization DIY (Do It Yourself) Our USA medical experts will:
  • Collect complete medical documents
  • Translate all foreign prescriptions to generic
  • Standarize the format of medical document as per USA hospitals guidlines
  • Imagings colledcted in DICOM format as per USA hospital guidlines
Submit stndarized medical documents to hospital portals DIY (Do It Yourself) Our USA medical experts will:
  • Standarize and then coordinate with hospitals before submiting to their portals
  • Cordinate with hospitals to confirm submission
  • Work with hospitals to make sure medical documents are accepted for the case acceptance
  • If any rejection happens then our team coordinates with hospital and international patient to make sure any missing document be provided
Document submission and case acceptance
  • Most international patients struggle standarizing, and submitted proper medical documents to the hospital portals
  • Delays are common
  • Rejections are common
  • Our USA medical experts do it all for you
  • No delays
  • No rejections
‘Medical Letter’ for visa DIY (Do It Yourself) We work with your hospital to get right format of ‘Medical Letter’ required by your country embassy for USA visa
Appointment setup for treatment / procedures DIY (Do It Yourself) Our team coordinate appointment setup with hospital and international patient, to get complete treatment planned
Treatment Cost 100% 20-40% discount negotiated for our international patient to negotiate
Service Fee None 10% (that in majority of cases patient gains in the discount we get from the hospitals)
USA medical conceirge DIY (Do It Yourself) Our USA expert team do for you A to Z for your USA medical treatment, from collection your documents, submitting, medical letter for visa, appointmnets setting, stay, food, travel - complete concierge if needed.
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Being diagnosed with a serious illness is life-changing. Your next steps are crucial in achieving the best possible outcome. You need to make sure the diagnosis was correct and the treatment plan is most effective for best health outcome.




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Why America?

According to consulting company McKinsey & Co., an estimated 40% of all medical tourists are shopping for the world’s most modern technology, with little regard for location or cost. Every year, over 100,000 people migrate to the United States in quest of better and more sophisticated medical care.

The majority of medical travelers visit the United States to seek cutting-edge cardiovascular, neurological, or cancer therapies, or because physicians from their home countries have trained or now work there, or they follow the lead of friends or relatives. Then there’s the United States’ reputation in terms of health-care delivery.

“Whether empirically accurate or not, the United States’ brand of medicine is still viewed as the most sophisticated health system for treating highly severe diseases and when life is at danger,” says Paul Mango, co-author of the McKinsey research.

Patients and their families at American hospitals have access to advanced palliative and end-of-life care, which may not be available in their home countries.

Foreign patients have a high level of trust in our institutions and professionals. We have the duty, as we do for each of our patients, to offer them cutting-edge treatment that is compassionate and culturally aware.

Reason To Choose USA Treatment

The United States is a technologically advanced country with a culture that encourages advancement, research, and discovery. As a result, the United States leads the globe in medical treatments, with new and sophisticated techniques, medications, and operations frequently accessible there before they are available elsewhere. Around 185,000 international tourists undertake the reverse route, traveling to the United States seeking care that they cannot receive at home. The benefits of cutting-edge healthcare in the United States, as well as the prospects for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, can make the country an ideal medical tourism destination.
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