Top 10 Best Cardiologist in the world

Dr.There are a plethora of experts in different domains throughout the world who are renowned for their magnificent creations. Healthcare professionals in particular, who commit their entire lives to helping others, have demonstrated their true selves by creating avenues for health that are accessible to those in need. We are here today to present a list of the top 10 cardiologist in the world who have made significant contributions to the field of cardiac health.

Top 10 Best Cardiologist in the world

Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty – India

Dr Devi Prasad Shetty | Cardiologist - MediPocket USA
Top 10 Cardiologist in the world

Devi Prasad Shetty, 57, is a cardiologist who has achieved multiple firsts: To mention a few, he carried out the first video assisted PDA ligation in the country, the first video assisted open heart surgery in India, and the first neonatal cardiac surgery on a nine-day-old baby. As mentioned in India Today, he demonstrated the viability of large-scale heart surgery by conducting twelve heart surgeries per day. 

He also suggested the idea of a free heart camp for the villages in the Northeastern hill states as a straightforward screening tool to identify heart illnesses in their early stages.

Dr. Valluvan Jeevanandan – USA

Valluvan Jeevanandam, MD - Cardiologist - MediPocket USA
Top 10 Cardiologist in the world

Among the world’s top heart transplant surgeons, Dr. Valluvan is well-known. His record of performing nearly 5000 heart operations is excellent. Dr. Valluvan have performed over a thousand heart transplants, including ones incorporating artificial hearts. Being the first surgeon to successfully implant CardioVad, a revolutionary gadget that improves heart function, he created medical history. For people for whom heart transplants were not practical, this offered hope.

In a few 27 hours, Dr. Valluvan accomplished an amazing accomplishment by successfully executing a triple organ transplant twice. He gave two distinct patients healthy kidneys, hearts, and liver transplants.

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Dr. William W O’Neill – USA

William O'Neill, MD | Henry Ford Health - Detroit, MI -  Cardiologist- MediPocket USA
Top 10 Cardiologist in the world

Transcranial aortic valve replacement with a catheter is thought to have been performed for the first time in the US by Dr. William, a cardiac surgeon. He is the medical director of the Henry Ford Health System’s Center for Structural Heart Disease. He was one of the first members of the interventional cardiology board of the American Board of Internal Medicine. Dr. William is also acknowledged as a global leader in the fields of structural heart disease and interventional cardiology,

He actively engaged in ground-breaking studies to identify and cure different cardiac conditions, and was chosen as one of the Society of Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions’ (MSCAI) 50 Master Fellows from among its 4500 international members.

 Angioplasty is a widely used treatment procedure and Dr. William was the first person to use the said procedure to treat Heart attacks.

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Dr. Phillip J Patel – India

Dr. Phillips J. Patel - Cradiologist- MediPocket USA
Top 10 Cardiologist in the world

Dr. Phillip Patel is a cardiologist in Rancho Mirage, California.  Dr. Patel is highly ranked in 81 conditions, as the research indicates. Mitral valve regurgitation, atrial fibrillation, necrosis, angina, and pacemaker implantation are among his major specialties.

In the last fifteen years, he has co-authored one peer-reviewed publication on clinical research.

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Dr. Robert M. Rose – USA

Robert M. Rose, MD | Cardiovascular Medical Group of Southern California - Cardiologist -  MediPocket USA
Top 10 Cardiologist in the world

Dr. Robert M. Rose is a well-known cardiologist in the United States. An expert in general clinical, consultative, and interventional cardiology, he has many years of experience in the field. He has built a reputation for providing great patient care by fusing his understanding of the most recent medical research with a caring and individualized approach to each patient’s specific requirements.

 Dr. Rose, who is now the Director of Cardiovascular Services and a member of the Brotman Medical Center’s Board of Directors, has made important contributions to the area of cardiology via his work in research, education, and clinical practice. He is a sought-after speaker who has presented his study and conclusions at a number of national conferences.

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Dr. Roger Bluementhal – USA

Roger Blumenthal, MD - Johns Hopkins Medicine - Cardiologist - MediPocket USA
Top 10 Cardiologist in the world

Dr. Roger Blumenthal is a well-known and renowned cardiologist who also serves as a Professor of Cardiology and Medicine at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr. Blumenthal is also the director of the Johns Hopkins Ciccarone Center for the Prevention of Heart Disease, which he developed. Dr. Blumenthal is passionate in assisting patients with atherosclerotic vascular disease and improving ways for managing risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

 He is an expert in the effective therapy of atherosclerotic vascular disease due to his considerable clinical and research expertise. He conducts extensive research on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of heart disease and is widely recognized as a thought leader in his profession.

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Dr. Ram Dandillaya – USA

Dr. Dandillaya » About Dr. Ram Dandillaya, M.D. - Cardiologist - MediPocket USA
Top 10 Cardiologist in the world

The Clinical Chief in the Division of Cardiology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is now Dr. Ram Dandillaya, a highly experienced and qualified cardiologist. He is board certified in cardiovascular diseases, nuclear cardiology, cardiac computed tomography, echocardiography, and internal medicine, and has considerable training and skill in several fields of cardiology.

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET), a specific test that analyses the body’s ability to transfer oxygen during exercise, is another area of interest for Dr. Dandillaya. Dr. Dandillaya has vast expertise analysing the findings of CPET testing and utilising them to guide treatment decisions in patients with heart or lung issues.

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Dr. Eric H Awtry – USA

Eric H Awtry, MD | Boston Medical Center - Cradiologist- MediPocket USA
Top 10 cardiologist in the world

At the Cardiovascular Center at Boston Medical Center (BMC), Eric H. Awtry, MD, is an associate chief for clinical affairs and a board-certified cardiologist. Additionally, Dr. Awtry teaches cardiovascular medicine and medicine as an associate professor at Boston University’s Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine. 

He finished a cardiovascular disease fellowship and an internal medicine residency at Boston University Medical Center after earning his medical degree. Hemodynamics, cardiac catheterization, and general clinical cardiology are among his areas of competence.

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Dr. Sheila A. Bernard MD – USA

Dr. Sheila A. Bernard - Boston Medical Centre - MediPocket USA
Top 10 Cardiologist in the world

Sheilah A Bernard, MD, a well renowned cardiologist, currently serves as a clinician-educator in the field of cardiology. She also is a Master Teacher, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, Associate Professor of Medicine. Dr. Bernard has been in practice for more than 35 years, specialising in pregnancy and valvular heart disease. 

She has deep expertise in treating patients with left ventricular dysfunction, coronary artery disease, angina pectoris, conduction disorders including atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter, mitral and aortic valvular disease, inflammatory heart disease, and cardiovascular risks.

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Dr. Robert T. Eberhardt MD – USA

Robert T Eberhardt, MD | Boston Medical Center - MediPocket USA
Top 10 Cardiologist in the world

Dr. Eberhardt, a cardiologist, and vascular medicine doctor who directs the vascular medicine service and non-invasive vascular imaging laboratories at Boston Medical Center. He is nationally recognized for his expertise in vascular medicine and vascular imaging having served key roles in national credentialing and accrediting organisations.

 He has focused his professional efforts to enhance training and quality in these areas, including mentoring many fellows in vascular medicine and training numerous physicians in vascular diagnostic imaging.

There is a never-ending amount of knowledgeable individuals and entities. The medical industry is still booming, and academics and researchers are working tirelessly to help patients everywhere.

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