Patient Success Stories

The stories of our patients who have chosen the path of Premium Healthcare through MediPocket USA

best paediatric hospital

A 3-year-old boy was treated at the best Pediatric hospital, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

A desperate and concerned mother reached out to us regarding her son’s condition. 3 Year Old Keyan was suffering from
Best cardiologist

A Patient with a Serious Heart condition was saved at Cedars Sinai

A concerned wife of a 63-year-old reached out to us, asking for help with her husband’s heart health. Worried about
kidney transplant

Advanced Kidney Transplant done by UCLA Health, USA

Kidney conditions among young people are quite common these days. The situation escalates so much that such people require extensive
Eye Cancer

Eye cancer: A Patient with Eye Cancer sought help from MediPocket USA

Recently, we encountered a patient from Mumbai, India, whose story is a testament to the transformative power of second opinions
uterine fibroids

How Cedars Sinai helped a woman with Uterine Fibroids?

Last year, we had a patient ( Age 28, Named Preya ) from the USA who contacted us, requesting a
help chest condition

How did Cedars Sinai help a woman with a Chest Condition?

A Worrisome son of a mother sent an inquiry asking for a Second Opinion consultation with any doctor. Dr. Debanjan’s
plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery from Beverly Hills, USA

At MediPocket USA, we not only take care of disease-related conditions but also look out for procedures altering the face
treatment for chronic ear condition

Treatment for Chronic Ear condition from Boston Children’s Hospital

An Indian father got in touch with us, asking for immediate help with his son’s condition. Prateek from India was
Prostate cancer

Treatment for Prostate Cancer at Cleveland Clinic

Prostate cancer, particularly in its advanced stages, poses formidable challenges. Mr. Singh, having exhausted local treatment options, sought a lifeline.

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