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Preya PB

Second Opinion - Gynecologists

Cedars Sinai

Like most women, I was suffering silently and spiraling after nearing my diagnosis of uterine fibroids. I am thankful that MediPocket connected me with Dr....

Greig from Cedars Sinai for a second opinion over zoom. He took his time and thoroughly answered all of my questions and helped me better understand ALL of my options. To my suprise, he even encouraged me to continue my natural remedies. 3 months later and i'm slowly but surely feeling a lot better! So glad i didn't rush into any unnecessary surgeries or procedures.


Pediatric Plastic Surgery

Children's hospital of Philadelphia

Hi, My name is Bhavyashree. I am from India and I am a mother of 3 year old baby, whose name is Keyan. He is...

having very complex issue regarding nose. He is having a Rhinosinusitis and in the past he, in India, he got operated for three four times in a row, and due to that surgeries, his actual current condition is very very complicated. so , i constantly searched for options for treatment in USA. But as you know it was very difficult to directly contact. One lucky day i came across Medipocket, and i must say from the bottom of my heart, when Priyanka ma’am came, looking into this particular Keyan case, she gave her 100% to keyan’s case and she recommended me seven hospitals from USA and Priyanka ma’am and MediPocket helped me till now because i am telling you, getting treatment in USA without any help is too difficult. I really recommend Priyanka Ma’am and MediPocket. So, thank you so much Priyanka Ma’am from the bottom of my heart. I wish you all the best and all the good wished are with you. Thank you so much for helping and Keyan. Thank you

Wife (private)

Second Opinion - Cardiologist

Cedars Sinai hospital

At age 63 years, my husband has many health conditions such as one complicating the other. Moreover, during COVID, he had a serious episode. Matched...

to the best Cardiologist. At Cedars Sinai Hospitals in California and met with Dandillaya during consultation educated my husband on his health conditions. He well explained treatment options, precautions to take and lifestyle changes gave the best results. The thing i liked the most and unlike other doctors that we have visited in the past,, Dandillaya in detail evaluated the current medications prescriptions and minimised number of medications by prescribing only the ones that are actually needed. He emphasised more on the holistic approach to treatment Thank to the entire team of MediPocket specially Dr. Priyanka Mathur for personally evaluating the history of my husband, was present during consultation.


Second Opinion Chronic Ear Issues

Boston's Children's Hospital

The first time I used MediPocket and it was terrific. It was simple, quick, and efficient. I could consult for my son from India with...

top USA pediatrician from Boston's Children Hospital

Ms. S (private)

Nose job Plastic Surgery

Beverly Hills, California

I felt very comfortable asking whatever questions I needed. I got connected, had a virtual consultation and then appointments were booked for my nose surgery...

with the top plastic surgeon of Beverly Hills, California, USA. All this done in an impossibly short time, there's no way this could have been done without MediPocket.

Dr. Debanjan

Second Opinion Pulmonologist

Cedars Sinai hospital

It was extremely helpful. Thanks to MediPocket for considering my mother’s situation and helping out to consult one of the best chest specialists of California,...

Dr. David from Cedars-Sinai hospital. He was very experienced and patient in hearing all my doubts regarding my mother’s health issues and demonstartared all sorts of preventative measures regarding Cystic Bronchiectesis.

Ibrahim M.

Kidney Transplant

UCLA Hospital

I am from Saudi Arabia and require a kidney transplant. I am a young active man and was devastated by my kidney condition. One of...

my friends heard about MediPocket at a conference in Dubai and recommended me to connect to get help getting kidney transplant at USA Hospital. MediPocket team worked extensively and matched me with one of the best research and health institute in United States at UCLA where 1 month back I received my kidney transplant and recovering very well. From all my heart and from my family want to thank MediPocket


Second Opinion, Cardiologists

MD Anderson Cancer Centre

I am 72 years old with high blood pressure and had an episode of covid-19. I wanted to get a second opinion from the USA...

specialist on my heart health and to prevent any complications. with MediPocket I was able to sign up in less than 5 minutes and get advice from the best cardiologist based in the United States

Dr. Amina Khan

Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Cedars Sinai

Participating in the MediPocket USA program was a game-changer for me and my patients. As a cardiovascular surgeon, I’m constantly seeking top-notch facilities and expertise....

Through MediPocket, I was able to seamlessly connect my patient with a renowned hospital in the USA for a highly specialized procedure. The entire process, from initial consultation to post-operative care, was incredibly smooth. My patient received world-class treatment, and the collaborative approach between international doctors and US healthcare institutions is commendable.

Dr. Juan Carlos Ramirez


dana farber cancer institute

I’m truly impressed by the excellence that the MediPocket USA program brings to cross-border medical care. Recently, I had a patient diagnosed with a rare...

form of cancer that required highly specialized treatment. Through MediPocket, I connected with a leading US research institute and together we formulated a comprehensive treatment plan. The communication and coordination between our teams were exceptional. Witnessing my patient receive advanced therapies from top experts in the USA was not only professionally satisfying but also a testament to the effectiveness of global medical collaboration.

Dr. Amara Kapoor


Stanford Health

MediPocket USA has revolutionized the way we approach international patient care. I had a challenging case of a patient with a complex neurological disorder that...

demanded advanced diagnostics and interventions. Through MediPocket, I partnered with a prestigious US hospital specializing in neurology. The combined expertise led to an accurate diagnosis and a personalized treatment plan that significantly improved my patient's quality of life. This platform bridges the gap between borders, allowing us to harness the collective knowledge of international medical professionals for the benefit of our patients.

Dr. Henrik Jensen

Orthopedic Surgeon

Cleveland Clinic

As an orthopedic surgeon, I always strive to offer the best options to my patients. The MediPocket USA program has become an invaluable resource in...

achieving that goal. Recently, I collaborated with a top orthopedic hospital in the USA to provide a cutting-edge joint replacement surgery for one of my patients. The streamlined process, from virtual consultations to post-operative follow-ups, was impressive. Witnessing my patient regain mobility and lead a pain-free life is a testament to the power of international medical partnerships facilitated by MediPocket.

Dr. Mei Ling Chong

Fertility Specialist

dana farber cancer institute

I’m truly thankful for the opportunity that MediPocket USA has provided me and my patients in the field of fertility medicine. Partnering with a renowned...

US fertility clinic allowed us to explore advanced treatment options that weren't readily available locally. The collaborative approach, which included virtual consultations and shared expertise, played a pivotal role in helping my patient conceive successfully after years of struggle. The MediPocket USA program has redefined possibilities for international patients seeking specialized care.

Dr. Santiago Morale


dana farber cancer institute

Being a part of the MediPocket USA program has expanded horizons for both me and my patients. Recently, I had a challenging case of a...

patient with a complex gastrointestinal condition that required multidisciplinary expertise. Through MediPocket, I collaborated with a leading US medical center specializing in digestive disorders. The exchange of knowledge, along with access to cutting-edge diagnostics and treatments, resulted in a precise diagnosis and effective management plan. My patient's health improved significantly, and this experience showcased the true potential of global medical partnerships facilitated by MediPocket.

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Life-saving treatment for an Indian patient with bronchiectasis

An Indian patient battling bronchiectasis hemoptysis faced worsening symptoms and ineffective treatments until discovering MediPocket, which restored hope…thank to MediPocket


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Treatment for Prostate Cancer at Cleveland Clinic

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uterine fibroids

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Advanced Kidney Transplant done by UCLA Health, USA

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best paediatric hospital

A 3-year-old boy was treated at the best Pediatric hospital, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

A desperate and concerned mother reached out to us regarding her son’s condition. 3 Year Old Keyan was suffering from

Best cardiologist

A Patient with a Serious Heart condition was saved at Cedars Sinai

A concerned wife of a 63-year-old reached out to us, asking for help with her husband’s heart health. Worried about

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