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A concerned wife of a 63-year-old reached out to us, asking for help with her husband’s heart health. Worried about the deteriorating health around COVID-19, she contacted MediPocket USA and waited to get matched at the top hospital in the USA.

Why did we choose Cedars Sinai for a Second Opinion?

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center is renowned for its exceptional team of expert cardiologists and its reputation as a hub for obtaining the best second opinions in the field of cardiology. The hospital has consistently demonstrated a commitment to delivering top-tier cardiac care, equipped with cutting-edge technology and a multidisciplinary approach to treating cardiovascular conditions. With a focus on patient care and groundbreaking research, Cedars-Sinai’s cardiology department has earned its place as a leader in the field.

In addition, the hospital is widely recognized for offering the best second opinion services, which can be invaluable for patients seeking further insights into their cardiac health. Whether it’s to confirm a diagnosis, explore treatment options, or gain a fresh perspective on a complex cardiac issue, patients from around the world turn to Cedars-Sinai for these crucial second opinions. The hospital’s commitment to excellence and its team of world-class cardiologists have solidified its reputation as a trusted resource for individuals looking to make the most informed decisions regarding their heart health.

The 63-year-old patient got connected with Dr. Dandillaya from Cedars Sinai. The expert opinion from one of the top doctors in the USA helped the patient get the treatment they deserved.

Here’s what the wife of the patient has to say,

“At age 63 years, my husband has got many health conditions such as that one complicating the other. Moreover, during COVID he had a serious episode. Matched aa to the best Cardiologist. At Cedars Sinai Hospitals in California and met with Dandillaya during consultation to educate my husband on his health conditions.” She quotes. “ He explained treatment options, precautions to take and lifestyle changes gave the best results. The thing I liked the most and unlike other doctors that we have visited in the past, Dandillaya in detail evaluated the current medications prescriptions and minimized the number of medications by prescribing only the ones that are actually needed. He emphasized the holistic approach to treatment Thanks to the entire team of MediPocket especially Dr. Priyanka Mathur for personally evaluating the history of my husband, who was present during the consultation.”

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